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Top Trends of Enhancing User Experience in 2022

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October 27th, 2022

In a fast-moving world, UX designing is no less than a sailor that leads your business cruise to its target audience. Businesses can efficiently enhance and expand their target reach by implementing UX design within their standard practice. Not only does it help make things work effectively, but the initial consideration of UX design is to improve user experience through various approaches. Gone were the days when audiences get attracted to traditional marketing methods. In an era of digitalization, your customer will likely fall for an organization that adds value to their experience. Various other methods lead the audience through a smooth and engaging progression. But UX designing holds a distinctive position among all for quite a period.

How does UX designing help in enhancing Business Efficiency? 

Every organization aims to enhance its user experience for a unique standing over its competitors. Such an aspect helps in bringing value to the business. UX designing helps users gain a visual experience of how business functions by creating a smooth, attractive, and seamless streamline for users to add valuable experience. UX designing is a factor that every business organization should consider in 2022.  

Business providers face various challenges in making their place in the digital world for various reasons. The one that tops the list is the lack of maintaining potential customer engagement. Many more join the league daily, with over 3 million mobile applications available in various operating systems. Companies need more chances to make their place in the competition. But with a proficient command of UX designing, businesses can lead their audiences through artificial and virtual realities. In the past few years, industries have seen rapid growth in the usage of technological devices, which leads to an argument that businesses are transforming them as per their customer need.

“The first impression is the lasting impression.”

You must have come across the phrase quite a plenty of times. To many, this is not less than a fact, as the first impression increases brand value and holds the potential of leading your target audience into making a conversion. No matter how productive your website or application is, poor UI/UX design can put all your efforts to drain.

We have extracted some top trend for UX designing that helps businesses expand their customer reach by attracting customers to their digital products, websites, or applications.

· Live-centered Aesthetics. 

Over time, UI/UX design has seen an immense change toward making an impact through live-centric aesthetics. Initially, UX designs were mainly user-centric, but throughout the years, it has transformed towards enhancing user experience due to the immense change in environmental issues and global warming. UX design nowadays is more futuristic and innovative and is potent in leading their audience towards live-centered aesthetics. Through Life centered aesthetics, businesses can efficiently lead the audience on how their products can add significant value to their experience. Global warming and environmentally friendly issues are regarded to hold greater value among the audience in 2022. Businesses should resolve their UX design around topics important to their target.

· Animations. 

Animation has been on trend for quite a time in UX design. But over time, it has managed to enhance the user experience by implementing various factors within the animation. On the other hand, animations have come a long way in making their place in UX design and have been holding their place through an innovative approach. From attracting the audience with vector illustration to making 2-dimensional animation, it is always regarded to hold a significant position in UX design.

Throughout the year, designers are proficient in bringing organic fluidity to their animation designs. With Anthropomorphism Animation, businesses can efficiently attract their target audience through human emotions, gestures, and characteristics. Moreover, UX designers are proficient in incorporating characteristics into animation by creatively molding abstract shapes into characters.

· Password-less Logins. 

Passwords do add value in bringing interactive user experience. But too many built-in passwords can be a reason for users to hop out of your website or application more quickly. Numerous platforms on the internet like the app founders demand additional security, including banking and finance applications, authorization portals, and account management. With too many passwords, your audience will likely need to remember the one that hardly matters to them.

UX designers must analyze that remembering passwords can be a pain point and one impactful reason for your audience to hop out of your website. By incorporating password-free designs, businesses can enhance user experience.

· Storytelling. 

Storytelling is one of the creative approaches to attracting your audience to your business network. Stories work as an icebreaker for the audience to divert their attention from a theoretical understanding of your business network. Stories are regarded to be on trend before our existence and will be around for a while. Through storytelling, businesses can lead users through multiple perspectives, making them fall for their services. Ever wondered why the market for fairytales, movies, and cave painting is always on trend? This is because it helps people gain multiple perspectives on a particular topic. Storytelling is regarded as an influential trend to attract a customer in 2022.

· Mobile First Approach. 

The mobile phone has gained immense popularity around the globe for over a decade. Few users go through business websites on laptops or computers. With that in mind, UX designers must consider creating designs that accommodate the mobile screen more interactively than in a website. Such an idea is termed a Mobile-first approach. It has become a top trending method to enhance user experience due to the increasing popularity of mobile phones. Moreover, the number of mobile applications available on Google and app stores makes the competition fierce. Through incorporating UI/UX methods within mobile, audiences can conveniently book movie tickets and reserve a table in a fraction of a second.

· Individual Learning. 

Individual learning has been on top trend for enhancing the user experience for quite some time. Moreover, with the recent pandemic in 2020, UX developers efficiently created a platform for smooth individual learning. The Internet has been a great blessing for people across various industries. Individual learning has been hot on trend since the pandemic strikes. People confined within the classrooms and were bound to gain collective knowledge swiftly moved towards individual learning.  

· Motion Designs.

Motion designing is one influential trend to captivate users towards the business network. Motion designs can drive the audience toward your brand vision in a more engaging way than any complex texts and theories. Gone were the days when business websites were regarded as potential due to organized content management. With the evolvement of graphical motions, businesses can effectively narrate their brand story to the user. Motion design comprises various other factors, including engaging animation, Aesthetic designs, Colors, and typography.

· Easy Navigation. 

Navigation is integral for maintaining smooth user engagement. UX designers must consider creating easy navigation for different operating systems. Mobile phones have been high on trend for quite a period, making it essential for UX designers to incorporate easy navigation features within mobile phones for smooth engagement. The interface for web browsers and mobile applications distinguish in many aspects, which is why navigation needs to attain customer attention to a certain extent.

By implementing easy navigation features in mobile apps, users are likely to increase brand identity and lead customers to convert.

· Voice User Interface. 

Ever wondered how Voice commands can enhance the user experience? Living in an era where we are completely dependent on Siri and Alexa, there is no doubt that Voice interface can be considered an influential UX trend in 2022. Although the Voice interface has come across a great struggle to make its position in the industry, in the past couple of years, Voice interfacing devices have played a major role in enhancing user experience.


With the immense growth in mobile applications, every business looks for potential methods of enhancing the user experience through various methods. As the competition within digital marketing is becoming fierce, companies looking ahead to enhance the UX experience should adopt the latest trend to make a substantial standing among their competitors. Common trends are Aesthetic designs, animation, password-free access, stories, and easy navigation.

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