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Real Estate App Development
to Generate Value for Others

With one app, you can manage all your clients, locations, documentation, and meetings you have every day.

Mortgage Application Development

Now your clients can easily check the status of their mortgage and the value of the loan you can get from. Now they won’t have to visit the bank or search the Internet to compare prices. With your app for mortgage, they can get your offer asap.

Agency ApplicationDevelopment

With your very own agency app, you can manage all your agents and your clients on a single platform. Our trustworthy developers can deliver you the most streamlined experience and a design that is curated for managing real estate teams.

Booking ApplicationDevelopment

Your customer must have the opportunity to book your property options anytime from anywhere. A mobile app can grant you this advantage over your competitors, that your client can purchase your project while being on the go.

AR/VR Application Development

Give your clients a virtual tour of your property or the design of the project you can build for them. Augmented and Virtual reality can give your clients a realistic look into the future along with hope for the possible best.

Community ApplicationDevelopment

For those who develop gated communities, having a community management app is necessary to ensure a peaceful and high standard of living. This app can work as an announcer, reminder, & communicator.

Search Application Development

Your client can now reach every location that you share with them, or they can find it on your app. All your projects can be represented with their geological locations marked on the way, so your clients can easily visit and purchase.

What Makes Us One of the Most Professional Real Estate Mobile App Development Company?

Flexible Engagement Models

Working with us, a reputable app design and development company gives you the assurance that your project is in the right hands. We adjust to your needs and keep our process flexible for your goals.

Customized and Scalable Approach

When you choose us as your real estate app developers, you have the added opportunity to create a branded app. Our professionals can ensure that your app is customized and scalable for future technologies.

Competitive Pricing

Our aim is to deliver high-quality services without over-charging the client. We have optimized our business model for years just to ensure that our services are affordable and profitable for our clients.

360 – Degree Solutions

Our real estate mobile application development services give you a wholesome package to cover every angle of your business. You can be sure that our services are all-inclusive and cost-effective.

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Mortgage App

Simplify Mortgage Payments
with Our App.

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Mobile App

Connect Your Gated Community
with Our App.

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Make Your Sales Easier and Management Smoother with Real Estate Apps

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We are one of the leading real estate app development companies, and we intend to be your first choice for app development. Our cost-effective strategies can give you extra value for your budget.

End-to-End Services

With us, you get a fully packaged deal for your real estate app development. Our services start from consultation and lead to deployment with continuous support for maintenance.

Research-Based Developers

We are a reputable company because we do our due diligence perfectly to ensure your project is ready for your particular niche. Your real estate app will be ready to fulfill your needs.

App Store Deployment

Unless your app is optimized and published for online app stores, the project is not finished. As app store deployment is the most necessary step, we take extra care to ensure its success.

Custom Agile Process

We work based on a strategy to ensure quick yet effective development. Our agile maneuvering with timelines and instructions makes the work effective in delivering work on time.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our service models are flexible, so we can adjust to any unique demands you make. Even when your project is underway, our work strategies can adapt to any new instructions and requirements.

Commitment to Detail

Your project can be to your liking, and we can ensure that every single unique idea you have, is implemented into your app. Our creative experts know how to ensure your project is done with up-to-the-mark-precession.

Support and Maintenance

Your real estate app can be available on all app store platforms. Hence, it needs to comply with a lot of extensive guidelines. Our support executives can take care of your app after deployment, ensuring that it’s bug-free.

Seamless In-House Development

Our whole team works in-house. Every step of your project, from consultation to design to development to deployment and, finally, maintenance, is done by our experts present at the office. Our team is experienced and reliable.

and Effect Steps



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Step 01

Consultation and Planning

  • Person to Person Consultation
  • Industry Research and Project Analysis
  • Planning and Strategy Building
  • Strategy Review by the Client
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Step 02

Design and Development

As soon as the client approves the project plan, our experts get to work on the project. As the real estate industry research and analysis is already done, there are no delays in starting the designing and development works for your application. We do not just create visuals but features that look appealing and interact with code.

Image of step 3 in The App Founders software development process Quality Assurance Step 03
Step 03

Quality Assurance

Once the design and development phase is done, we move on to testing. Our quality assurance departs tests the project without mercy to find even the smallest bugs possible. Every single shortcoming is patched and fixed on the spot, only ensuring that the end user gets a flawless experience. Our hardcore testing always pays off.

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Step 04

Approval and Deployment

After testing and fixing the app, we move on to the publishing phase. This is by far the most necessary step, as, without deployment on the most reputable app stores, no one is going to find your app. Our experts ensure that your app complies with all the necessary rules for all the app stores available and willing to host your app.

Image of testing and deployment phase for digital product development Support and Maintenance Step 05
Step 05

Support and Maintenance

Once your real estate app project is done and deployed, you need to maintain it. Maintaining an app is not as simple as maintaining a website. Our support and maintenance team creates-consistently updates and patches for bug-fixing. These updates are necessary as App Stores do not recommend old and out-of-date mobile apps.

Mobile Technologies

Real Estate App Development Services

Our goal is to generate value for our clients and yours. Make the right move, and let us tell you which mobile technology is best for your brand.

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If you want your real estate agency to be one of the quickest responders in your industry, choosing C/C++ is the right way to go. C/C++ gives you creativity and flexibility while keeping the user experience convenient.

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Now you can do more with less code. Your real estate application can be developed with fewer lines of code, which means lower byte weight and less possibility for errors. The benefit of Kotlin is that this language is precise in its execution.

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Now, your app can feel like it’s running offline with amazing speed, even when it has creative animation and is actively retrieving data from the Internet. With pre-built frameworks, your app can be creative and effective.

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Connect with your audience and clients in real time with Room database. This database is most recommended if you wish to integrate a chat system into your app. Now you can convert your lead to clients in real time.

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Establish your data on your users’ phones so they are never far away from the value you create for them. With Realm, your client can have local and offline access to your projects, deals, and valuable information at all times.

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Logo of SQLite database management system for app development


Embed your database onto your customer’s mobile device and give them an experience free from waiting. The lightweight and portable nature of SQLite makes it the perfect choice for real estate project promotion apps.

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Add creative visuals and professional transitions to your app. Now your real estate app can be engaging, stunning, and effectively functional at the same time. Flutter gives you the opportunity to display your projects with luxurious creativity.

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This is a recommended and economical solution because, with Ionic, you have the opportunity to use a single code for every mobile OS. Development with Ionic is cheap because now you don’t need separate codes for iOS, Androids, and PC.

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React Native

Giving your app a branded look is a great strategy for building credibility for your real estate firm. With React, you have the advantage of prioritizing the UI/UX of your app to be custom-made for your brand identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Features to Attract Buyers in A Real Estate App?

Property search tools, up-to-date ad information, virtual property tours, and user-tailored alerts are all tempting features that may entice prospective buyers to utilize a real estate app. Buyers might benefit from improved map features and geographical data. Mortgage management and a secure communications system may help to speed up the purchase process. A straightforward layout, easy access, and polite support staff are all positive qualities. The App Founders highlights these characteristics in order to give customers a quick, simple, and thorough way of finding their dream home.

Streamlining Property Search and Booking in a Real Estate App?

Your creative real estate app can streamline the property-booking process for customers in every way. The easy structure and search capabilities make it simple to find the right property. To assist purchasers in making educated decisions, your app can include a comprehensive database of residences, as well as excellent pictures and full descriptions. By integrating secure online booking and payment methods, we expedite the booking process. Furthermore, your app can give a more personalized experience by providing suggestions based on the user's interests. By automating the process of locating and reserving properties, we help real estate agencies run more effectively and save time for buyers/renters.

Security Measures for User Data in a Real Estate App?

Our real estate app prioritizes the security of its customers' personal information. We take stringent efforts to safeguard your personal information. To begin, all data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Second, we run security tests on a regular basis and follow industry best practices for designing safe code. We also utilize multi-factor authentication to guarantee that only authorized individuals are permitted access. The information is only available to those who have a valid need to know about it. The adoption of regular backups and contingency plans has reduced the possibility of data loss. Finally, we emphasize the necessity of user education by emphasizing the importance of using strong passwords. You may relax knowing that our software creates a risk-free environment for user-to-user real estate transactions.

Suitable Platforms and Technologies for Real Estate Apps?

• Real estate app developers should employ up-to-date techniques and technology to provide the finest app experience and maximum online visibility.
• Native mobile app development for iOS and Android ensures that programs are widely available and run well.
• Cloud computing also makes data administration and growth easier.
• Monitoring services and futuristic technologies such as augmented reality (AR) may totally change how a property is perceived and mapped.
• When secure payment methods and apps are merged, customers may save time and effort.
• Finally, increasing the discoverability of an app via social media and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics can attract prospective buyers and sellers.

Current Trends in Real Estate App Development?

AR and VR are increasingly being used in real estate applications to improve property visualization and enable potential buyers or tenants to view homes from a distance. Furthermore, geolocation and tracking capabilities are gaining popularity for the aim of giving customers customized property suggestions based on their location and interests. To meet the expectations of the growing number of people who use their phones for real estate transactions, you need to have a website with mobile devices in mind to give a seamless experience. Including AI-powered robots and virtual assistants in apps simplifies communication with customers and provides them with rapid answers. Overall, this is beneficial to the real estate market since it improves customer happiness and efficiency.


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