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How To Fix the Google Services Framework Keeps Stopping

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September 22nd, 2023

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When Does the Google Keeps Stopping Error Occur?

The mistake often has nothing to do with any Google app and can appear out of the blue. A Google service running in the background makes it possible.

You might be playing a game when the weather app tries to update, which is what causes the problem. Finding the exact Google app that is causing the problem is hard. Google Play Services, the Play Store, or the Google Search app are to blame. Other Google processes and apps handling the Android OS could also be blamed.

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How To Fix the Google Services

Let’s look at some of the best ways of service fix suggested by top The App Founders.

1. Easily Fix The Google Keeps Stopping Error: Restart Android

Easily Fix The Google Keeps Stopping Error: Restart Android

When an app, service, or shared resource is having trouble, the mistake may only last a short time. There’s no way to tell when this will happen, but all you have to do is restart your phone. Hold the power button when the menu comes up and tap (or slide) to Restart.

2. Clear The Cache In The Google App

Clear The Cache In The Google App

We already told you that the “Google keeps stopping” error is likely caused by an issue with the app’s cache. It should be pretty easy to service fix if this is the case. If you have a Samsung phone, a Pixel, or any other device affected, the steps are the same, but the menu choices may differ.

  • Click on Apps and then on See all apps.
  • To open Google, scroll down and tap it.
  • To clear your cache, go to Storage and then tap Clear Cache. Then, wait for it to finish.
  • It’s also possible to clear your files, which will start the app over.Another thing that can cause “Google keeps stopping” is WebView. Press the “Clear All” button on this screen.
  • Click “Back” and then restart your phone to finish.

Following these steps, we should now make the service fix. Start with the Google Play Store first, then with Google Play Services. Do this again and again until the problem is fixed.

Interestingly, clearing the Android cache can fix many problems, even though the OS doesn’t have many bugs.

3. Uninstall Recent App Updates To Service Fix The Google Keeps Stopping Error

Uninstall Recent App Updates To Service Fix The Google Keeps Stopping Error

You cannot remove the Google app from your phone, but you can remove the changes that it has received, which could be the cause of the problem:

  • Open Settings > Apps > See all apps > Google.
  • In the top right corner, tap the three dots menu.
  • Tap Uninstall updates.
  • At the prompt, click OK.

4. Uninstall Webview Updates To Service Fix 

Uninstall Webview Updates To Service Fix 

Another thing that can cause “Google keeps stopping” is WebView. These are system tools for Android that show web pages and information inside apps, so users don’t have to open the full browser. It sometimes gives you trouble and tends to crash on its own.

You can’t fully remove the app, but you can eliminate any updates that came with it. To undo those changes, repeat the steps above, but this time, look for Android System WebView.

5. Remember To Update Android

Remember To Update Android

Software changes are a big reason for the “Google keeps stopping” error and others like it. A normal system update, an app update, or even a hotfix likely caused the error if it just started happening.

We gave you a method that should work above, but the error should be service-fixed in the next update. You should be able to download that update if your phone is getting it. Also, don’t forget that you should always update your phone when you can.

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Several Google apps and services can cause the “Google keeps stopping” problem. However, it is easy to fix by clearing your cache, uninstalling updates, and ensuring your Android system is up to date.

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