App Store Optimization Tools" - An Overview of the Essential Tools

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App Store Optimization Tools” – An Overview of the Essential Tools

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August 28th, 2023

App store optimization (ASO) tools have become essential for developers and marketers who want to make their mobile apps more visible and successful.

In the ever-changing world of app stores, these tools are necessary for fine-tuning app listings to get more organic traffic, improve conversion rates, and eventually get more downloads. 

By giving app developers information about keyword optimization, competitor analysis, review monitoring, and other essential metrics, ASO tools help them make choices that make their apps easier to find and make them stand out in the app stores.

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ASO stands for “App Store Optimization”:

App store optimization (ASO) is a way to improve the exposure of mobile apps in different app stores and boost their conversion rates and download numbers.

ASO’s primary goal is to make apps easier to find and improve their rankings in app stores. This way, more people will learn about your app and download it, increasing your business’s profits.

These are the critical parts of ASO:

  • On-meta factors are things entirely under the control of the application’s creator. These things can help you improve your keyword rankings, conversion rates, and app store exposure. However, the parts include the app title, subtitle, descriptions, promo text, keyword field, app icon, screenshots, video previews, etc.
  • Off-metadata factors: These are things the publisher has no control over. These are the results of your optimization methods, but they don’t change directly. These things can include reviews and scores, the number of installations, the download speed, the app’s size, errors, bugs, etc.

5 Best App Store Optimization Tools:

Several top-notch app store optimization (ASO) tools successfully improve an app’s presence in the app store and get more attention. Five standout tools in this list are

App Radar:

App Radar

With App Radar, you can make your app more popular, get purer downloads, save time, and learn valuable things. 

Therefore, it has safe transmission, end-to-end encryption, physical servers, and permissions that only the right people can use. 

App Radar can help you at every step if you want your app to grow or start with App Store Marketing. The App Founders lets you directly update your page and see how your app is found. AI can also make your app work better for the most used themes. 


  • Keyword Rankings: Suggest which terms to use in your app store listing and which get more downloads.
  • Optimization Score: This shows how well the app is optimized and gives tips for improving it. Also, with this ASO tool, you can handle how an app is localized and decide which updates help the app grow.
  • Ratings and Comments: App Radar lets you use templates to respond to user reviews. 
  • Intelligence on Ads: With Ads Intelligence, you’ll know what percentage of ad views belong to you, be able to focus on the right keywords to drive traffic, and make the most of both paid and organic user acquisition.



AppTweak can make your app more visible in the App Store and Google Play. Even though it has many features, the most important one here is the ASO report. From the app store optimization report, you can:



Look at the info.

  • Examining who you’re up against
  • Number of keywords
  • A tool that lets you look at the colors of the app icons of your rivals and see if you can make those colors work for you, too.
  • History of the app
  • Daily emails from ASO
  • Backlinks to the Google Play Store



Use the power of Checkaso’s app store optimization tools to increase the number of organic installs and improve your app page with valuable data to increase the number of conversions and exposure of your app. 

You can keep track of where your application is in the rankings and look at essential keywords to make the right choices at the right time. 

Check also will give you auto-suggestions, a keyword starter pack, a ranking background, and the most up-to-date keyword metrics. 

With every change you make, your audience will grow. Therefore, use the text editor to cover different keywords on the app page and translate the exact text for other languages. 



A few A/B testing tools on the App Store let you do live tests, but PickFu is different because it gives you feedback much faster and without the risk of a live test. You must send significant traffic to a new page variant in live testing.

You don’t know if users will like the second choice as much as the first. So running a live split test could cause you to lose money.

PickFu lets you test a lot of the same things that live split testing software enables you to test, like:

  • Screenshots of apps
  • Copy the app’s name, images, and tagline.
  • The idea

Sensor Tower:

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is a robust platform leader in the mobile app market used to get crucial data-driven information about their competitors and better understand the global app economy. However, through app store optimization, the company’s answer has enough features to get more app downloads.


  • Intelligence on Apps: App Intelligence is like Sensor Tower’s other goods because it has many tools. Built around ASO, the solution lets you look at user reviews, how being a “featured” app affects sales and usage, category and keyword rankings, in-depth research of the competition, and more.
  • Shop for information: The Store Intelligence platform explains how many apps are downloaded and how much money they make, which is crucial for measuring app performance. Estimates for both are available for several groups, types of devices, and countries.
  • Intelligence on Ads: This tool is helpful if you want to find out how many users other publishers and app makers have gained through their campaigns. Therefore, the platform’s overview lets you see which weekly marketers and publishers are the most popular. You can also check if advertising spending increased and changed the number of downloads.
  • Most Popular: Sensor Tower’s free primary platform shows the best-performing web 3.0 development in different groups and countries. The top Chart also shows which apps have the most reviews and which have just been updated.

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Crucial Insights Unveiled


ASO Tool Key Features Main Functionality
App Radar – Keyword Rankings
– Optimization Score
– Ratings and Comments
– Intelligence on Ads
Aids in keyword selection, optimization suggestions, user review management, and ad performance insights.
AppTweak – ASO Report
– Competitor Analysis
– Keyword Tracking
– Backlinks to Google Play
– Daily ASO Emails
Offers comprehensive ASO reports, competitive analysis, keyword insights, and tools for visual optimization.
Checkaso – Ranking Monitoring
– Keyword Insights
– Auto-suggestions
– Text Editor for Localization
Facilitates monitoring app rankings, keyword suggestions, localization, and optimization based on metrics.
PickFu – A/B Testing for Screenshots, Copy, and Ideas Allows rapid and risk-free testing of various app elements like screenshots, copy, and concepts for better user feedback.
Sensor Tower – App Intelligence
– Store Intelligence
– Ad Intelligence
– Top Charts
Provides extensive app, store, and ad insights, including competitor research, downloads, revenue estimations, and market performance analytics.



If you want your return on investment (ROI) and earnings to increase, your app must be downloaded often and easily found in app stores. The App Store Optimization tools discussed above will help you improve your strategies so that your app will rank better in app stores and get more downloads.   

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