Top 7 Best React Native IDEs and Editors in 2024

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Top 7 Best React Native IDEs and Editors in 2024

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February 15th, 2024

React Native has been a game-changer in the world of mobile application development. It allows you to build mobile apps using only JavaScript, utilizing the same design as React to enable a rich mobile UI. With this refreshing approach, you can develop Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Solutions, presenting an exciting opportunity for developers worldwide.

Indeed, React Native has a significant assortment of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and editors at your disposal, making it a tad challenging to pick the perfect one, particularly for those dipping their toes.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the top 7 best React Native IDEs and editors you can use in 2024. These tools will enhance your coding experience and productivity, whether you’re new to React Native or a seasoned pro.

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) continues to dominate the development workspace and is also used widely by the developers at The App Founders. It is not just as a conventional editor but as a near-complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It has robust features and a multitude of extensions tailored to streamline and enhance programmer productivity.

From the perspective of React Native developers, VS Code is an attractive choice as it effortlessly marries ease of use with deep customization capabilities. You can fine-tune your setup with themes, keyboard shortcuts, and toolsets designed to make your coding faster and more intuitive.

The features that make VS Code particularly suited for React Native development include its live preview. It allows instant viewing of the app’s performance during the coding process. The IntelliSense feature, which provides smart completions based on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules, is an aid no developer would want to do without.

Additionally, with a alot of extensions like ESLint for enforcing coding style, Prettier for code formatting, and Jest snippets for testing, your development environment can be specifically geared towards a React Native workflow. Its built-in terminal and Git integration mean you can write code, manage versioning, and execute commands without leaving the editor.

Furthermore, VS Code’s debugging tools are highly praised. These tools, once configured for a React Native application, can provide a level of granular control over code execution, greatly simplifying the task of finding and fixing bugs.

2. Atom

Atom remains a steadfast ally for developers who value a customizable workspace, deeply encompassing the user experience importance. It’s the brainchild of GitHub, which shines through in its integration with the Git platform.

As a tool for crafting React Native applications, Atom stands out with a suite of packages tailor-made for the job. Popular packages like nuclide or react-native-components styles and JSX transform bring the React Native development experience up a notch. Plugins like these can directly parse and render the code with React Native elements and styles.

The Teletype above feature drives real-time code sharing to another level. It allows you to share workspace with collaborators as if they were beside you. Although cloud coding isn’t a new concept, Atom’s execution of this feature is seamless and impactful, aiding in a faster and more cohesive development cycle.

On top of that, Atom’s ability to work with web technologies out of the box, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and its extensions, makes it a lucrative platform for full-stack developers who may switch between web and mobile app development.

The integrated package manager easily promotes the exploration and addition of new features. This translates into a highly adaptable environment where Atom can morph perfectly to fit the changing needs of a React Native development project.

3. Sublime Text

Sublime Text, well-known and loved among the developer community, is recognized for being super speedy and easy to use, which makes working on big projects much simpler!

One feature worth shouting about is “Goto Anything.” This treasure of an option will help you find anything you want, whether symbols, lines, or words, without all the fuss! It’s a huge time-saver for anyone who wants to navigate their code quickly.

Another great feature is “Goto Definition.” As its name says, it lets you peek at functions, methods, or objects. It helps you see and understand what’s happening in your code instantly; no need to sift through endless lines of code!

Sublime Text isn’t a freebie, but don’t let that hold you back. Many folks who code find its cost small change compared to the speed and flexibility it offers.

Even more cool are the many plugins and packages you can add to it. Sublime Text comes with a package manager, and once you’ve got the hang of it, it can supercharge your editor. It’s like having a code playground where you could keep adding new swings!

4. Webstorm

WebStorm emerges as a standout choice among app development tools, garnering high praise from the developer community for its adept handling of modern JavaScript development needs. This clever code editor has been made just for modern JavaScript development.

Crafted by the team at JetBrains, WebStorm is filled to the brim with features that promise to make coding simpler and quicker. It’s like that helpful friend who always gives great advice!

WebStorm also comes with a price tag, but trust us, it’s worth every penny for its perks. Not only does it have the latest and greatest coding languages and frameworks in its arsenal, but it runs regular updates. That’s like having a smart teacher who always stays on top of new stuff!

But that’s not all. WebStorm is packed with tools for debugging, testing, and tracing client-side and Node.js applications. Whether you’re building something for the web or creating an immersive experience on Node.js, it’s got you covered!

WebStorm is like one of those all-in-one toolkits. Whether you’re dealing with confusion in your code or testing an app, it has just the right tool you need.

5. Nuclide

So, meet Nuclide! It’s a friend to any coder, and guess what? It’s both open source and free! Imagine an all-in-one toolbox. That’s what Nuclide feels like. The makers combined different stuff in one place to make your coding task a breeze.

Another cool part? Nuclide piggybacks on Atom. Remember the goodies of Atom? You get all those and even more with Nuclide. It just cranks up Atom’s superpowers!

Nuclide was made to fit like a missing puzzle piece with Facebook’s tech goodies like Flow, Hack, and GraphQL. But that doesn’t mean it’s limited. Nope! It’s strong enough for React Native development, too! Imagine a buffet table of features – built-in debugger, task runner, and version control. You name it, Nuclide has it!

6. Expo

Expo is not just about coding; it’s a platform aimed at making React Native IDE applications. Think of it like a one-stop shop for everything development-related!

Got some code to write? Check. Need to test on real devices? Check. Expo makes things simple by having everything under one roof. The development process becomes a smoother ride because of it!

Expo’s client lets you fiddle with your project while you’re still working on it, without all the hassle of compiling your app. So, work faster and streamline the process. Plus, there are tools designed to help you launch your apps quickly. Remember Lightning McQueen from Cars speeding down the roads? That’s you with Expo!

7. Snack by Expo

Snack by Expo is a brilliant place to start if you’re new to React Native.

It is like the friendly park right around the corner: easy to get to and perfect for a chill day. With it, you can work on your React Native app on your browser—just like typing up a document! Cool, huh?

The best part? You can see the results instantly on your mobile device or a simulator. Imagine instantly typing a message and seeing it pop up on your friend’s phone. It’s pretty much like that!

Snack’s best for giving shape to quick ideas and sharing bits of code with friends or colleagues. If you’re considering making a complex app, you might need a bigger toolbox. But for quick DIY projects? Snack is the perfect partner.


Choosing the right React Native IDE or code editor for React Native development can be overwhelming, with many options available. However, the top 7 tools listed in this post are among the best React Native IDE and editors you can choose from in 2024. Whether you are looking for something lightweight like Visual Studio Code or a more comprehensive suite like WebStorm, there is something for everyone.

Try out different React Native IDEs and editors and see which ones suit your workflow best. The right tool can make all the difference in your development process. The magic is in finding the right instrument; it can streamline your journey. And, when the time comes to Deploy React App, the process will be smoother with the tool that resonates best with your development style.

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