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Genz And Mobile Apps: Things You Must Know

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October 10th, 2022

In the current time, GenZ is regarded to be the most attractive consumer group among various industries. Undoubtedly, the wave of technological advancement has increased due to the rapid growth in GenZ prospects. Industries are in persistent efforts to bring their futuristic ideas into existence due to the fierce rate of competition observed within GenZ. Gone were the days when people had to save for years to have their dream car in their garage. With the new age exploring new ideas and technological advancement, such an approach is attained within no time.

In an era of information technology, businesses have analyzed immense growth among tech prodigies and entrepreneurs aged above 13 years. Such a revolution is mainly due to the increasing rate of mobile applications and internet facilities that have allowed GenZ consumers to explore the world through a futuristic vision. Although such an opportunity is not confined to any particular group, Gen Y and GenZ are considered to shower themselves with maximum benefit with the advent. Businesses looking ahead to target these groups must strengthen their digital marketing tactics through mobile applications. As the competition for cross-platform mobile app development services is becoming fierce, there is barely any chance for businesses to make their place with traditional marketing practices.

The need to enhance the mobile experience for GenZ consumers. 

Believe it or not, but with the rise of GenZ, the world has experienced massive change toward digitalization. Where Gen Y was crowned to be a digital pioneer, GenZ is ahead of time for being born in an era where digitalization took over the world. With an entirely different world, it’s hard for humans to maintain a certain connection, but not for the technologies. What we humans have perceived now, technologically advanced industries, had analyzed years before. The new generation has its values, problems, and methods to overcome them. This makes it integral for businesses to enhance their marketing tactics through digital media to better grasp GenZ consumers. Some factors why companies are in the consistent approach to enhancing GenZ user experience are briefly discussed.

GenZ is often regarded as the First-mobile generation, and such a claim seems justified for several reasons.

  • Being born in an era of digital technology, they have been well-versed in computers and smartphones since childhood.  
  • Their active presence on social media platforms has compelled businesses to create a pathway for them to explore the world more productively.
  • Businesses have analyzed GenZ consumers as prompt and radical towards a certain approach.
  • GenZ consumers crave to expand their knowledge pool by enrolling in self-education programs. They are not bound to institutions or organizations.
  • They possess a rational approach toward making a financial decision, which is quite rare among people of earlier generations.
  • They are socially responsible towards the brands that help in bringing innovation to the experience.
  • Business statistics emerged as the most crucial factor that made businesses fall for GenZ consumers. That signifies that over 73% of the population using mobile phones are GenZ.  

Strategies Businesses should adopt to acquire GenZ as App Users. 

Unlike earlier generations, GenZ or Zoomers have never experienced a world without the internet. Moreover, they were never dependent on textbooks or institutions to perceive knowledge. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the usage of the internet and smartphone is mainly dependent on Zoomers. Businesses nowadays are facing challenges in approaching GenZ towards their digital product due to the lack of strategies that are the potential to captivate them. This is why we have managed to create a streamline that can help businesses land their digital asset in front of their users for a potential outcome.

Let’s walk through the strategies that have proven to be influential for engaging Zoomers towards the mobile application.

·        Visual Storytelling. 

Businesses should focus on building strong engagement with Zoomers by leading them through storytelling. This is integral for businesses to captivate their audience through engaging visuals, as it is believed that zoomers hop out of boring content in less than 8 secs. The user should witness an engaging visual at first glance as it compels them to lead through a complete brand story. Visual storytelling helps businesses bring their product to life with the help of infographics, animations, videos, and illustrations. Other methods of leading Zoomers toward your product include incorporating hybrid formats like video conferencing, flash mobs, and games.

·        Use of Social Media. 

Over the past few years, social media platforms have held maximum user attention than any other digital or internet platform. This is why businesses should target their prospect through social media. With Zoomers being a primary consideration, they are said to spend one-third of their total time scrolling their Facebook feeds, Instagram reels, or WhatsApp messaging. Although these platforms are not confined particularly to GenZ prospects, it is said to gather maximum attention through Zoomers. Businesses looking to attract GenZ to their brand should use social media platforms for better engagement toward their digital product.

·        Influencer Marketing. 

Gone were the days when the audience was attracted through direct advertising methods. With the advent of technology, people are more into experiencing products considered valuable among a huge pool of audiences. It is when the idea of influencer marketing comes into play. Business should market their product through opinion leaders, celebrities, and sports stars, who hold a significant position among GenZ consumers. YouTube influencers are regarded as the guiding stars among the new generation, making it necessary for brands to draw their user attention toward their product through influence marketing.

·        Messengers, Chabot, and push notifications.

Businesses should interact with their prospect in real-time through push notifications, chatbots, and messengers. It is regarded to be the most productive approach to targeting zoomers through their smartphones. However, many businesses are still leading with an approach of email marketing used to attract millennials. But such an approach is considered void when it comes to captivating GenZ consumers. A Zoomer can convincingly make a conversation through a push button or messaging than a traditional email.

·        Retargeting.

As earlier said, zoomers possess a minimal attention span compared to other consumer groups, making it important for businesses to consider an approach of retargeting their prospects. It tends to increase brand identity, which is integral for users to fall for the product more effectively. Through such a strategy, businesses can fall into the immediate consideration of the user and lead them into making a conversion. Retargeting can be done through various platforms. Some of the most common are media advertising, social media, and the app founders.


In a nutshell, GenZ is regarded to hold maximum screen time availability than any other consumer, which makes it important for businesses to gratify the need of their user as per their preference. With the immense growth in mobile apps, businesses should strategize their apps effectively to add value to user experience and potentially lead them towards a conversion.

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