Walmart Affiliate Program: Guide On How to Earn Commission:

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Walmart Affiliate Program: Guide On How to Earn Commission:

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November 23rd, 2023

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Millions of people want to make money with their websites, and that’s not a surprise. An online business does have a lot of benefits.

You can work from home, you don’t have to pay for your office space, there’s no need to worry about all the costs an offline business has, etc. 

But starting an online business isn’t as simple as buying hosting and creating a website. You also need quality content, visits, and sales to make it work. This is why many affiliate programs exist — affiliates develop quality content and get referrals, leading to sales (and commissions). 

Such programs usually provide various tools so you can be successful. But which one should you choose? The answer is Walmart Affiliate; this giant retailer sells millions of items, and its affiliate program has proven itself over the years.

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What is the Walmart Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a partnership between Walmart and content creators, bloggers, and website owners. As an affiliate, you will promote Walmart products on your platform and earn a commission for every sale made through your affiliate links.

Walmart provides you with a unique affiliate link that tracks the sales generated by your referrals, allowing you to earn a commission based on the total sales amount.

How to Join the Walmart Affiliate Program?

Joining the Walmart Affiliate Program is quick and straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

Sign Up for an Affiliate Marketing Platform: 

You first need to join an affiliate marketing platform to become an affiliate. Popular platforms like The App Founders, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate, and Impact Radius are all affiliate program partners. Choose a platform that suits your needs and sign up as an affiliate.

Create an Account: 

Once your affiliate marketing platform account is set up, search for “Walmart” within the platform and apply to become a Walmart affiliate.

Application Approval: 

Walmart will review your application and notify you if you are approved or rejected. The approval process typically takes a few business days.

Obtain Your Affiliate Links: 

Upon approval, you will receive access to your unique affiliate links and various marketing materials from Walmart. These links are essential for tracking your referrals and earning commissions.

Maximizing Your Earnings with the Walmart Affiliate Program

Now that you are part of the Walmart Affiliate Program, it’s time to explore strategies to maximize your earnings. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Choose Relevant Products: 

Promote products that are relevant to your niche or target audience. This will increase the chances of attracting interested buyers and boosting your conversion rates.

Create High-Quality Content: 

Generate engaging and informative content highlighting the benefits and features of the products you promote. Your content should be valuable to readers and encourage them to click on your affiliate links.

Utilize Various Promotional Channels: 

Leverage marketing channels such as your website, blog, social media platforms, and email newsletters to reach a wider audience. Consistency is key; regularly share your affiliate links across these channels to increase visibility.

Offer Exclusive Deals and Discounts: 

Walmart often runs promotions and offers special discounts. Stay up to date with these deals and promote them to your audience. Exclusive offers can attract more customers, and more sales mean higher commissions.

Track Your Performance: 

Most affiliate marketing platforms provide detailed analytics on your performance. Analyze your metrics regularly to identify which products or strategies generate the most sales. Use this information to optimize your promotional efforts and focus on what works best for you.

The Walmart Affiliate Program: Pros and Cons


Here are the pros of the Walmart affiliate program:

Identifying a Brand:

One of the best things about becoming a Walmart partner is that they help your brand get a lot of attention. Unlike smaller niche websites, Walmart is a worldwide shopping giant known for its wide range of goods and low prices.

Customers are already familiar with the Walmart name and trust it when you sell its goods through your partner link. They are more likely to click on your link, go to the Walmart website, and maybe even buy something because of this.

You can then get more people to visit Walmart and make money through the partner program without doing anything. It’s a win-win situation because you can use Walmart’s well-known name to help your partner market.


Some affiliate programs have strict conditions, like having a website that has been around for a while, has a certain number of users, and has a good image. The Walmart affiliate program is easier for people just starting to join.

The signup method is pretty easy, which increases your chances of being accepted as a partner. This means you can join the program and start making money through fees, even if you’re new to affiliate marketing or don’t have a big crowd yet.

The Walmart partner program is more open to affiliate marketers at all stages of their careers because it includes everyone. This makes it easier for people who want to work with a reputable retail brand like Walmart.

Long Cookie Window:

The length of the cookie window is another big benefit of the Walmart partner program. The cookie window is when you can get paid if a customer buys something after clicking on your advertising link. 

The Walmart partner program keeps track of people for three days after they click on one of your affiliate links that leads to a Walmart shop. You will get your fee if they buy within that time frame.

You should know that Walmart’s three-day tracking time is longer than Amazon’s Associate’s partner program’s 24-hour cookie length. Thanks to this longer tracking window, you have a better chance of earning fees on sales made by people you sent, even if they don’t buy right away.

User-friendly Platform:

It makes it easy for affiliates to promote their goods by giving them an easy-to-use tool. They offer several tools to help you on your way as a partner, such as:

  • Link to the product and offer
  • Put up signs
  • Chrome Add-on for WordPress Plugin
  • Walmart’s homepage is also a central place to check on your partner sales and see tracking data. This complete summary helps you track how well your projects are doing, find goods that sell well, and determine how much commission you’re making.

Walmart’s website gives you access to these features and tools, which help you handle and improve your partner’s marketing efforts. You can focus on making content and sales instead of this because it saves you time and work.


Here are Walmart affiliate program drawbacks:

Low Rates of Commission:

One problem with the Walmart partner program is that the income rates aren’t as high as those of other popular associate programs. 

Some programs let you promote goods from other stores or areas and earn up to 60% of the sales. At Walmart, on the other hand, you can only make up to 4%. This could generally affect your ability to make money, especially if you depend a lot on partner earnings.

Low Conversion:

Although Walmart’s large real presence is a strength for the business, it can be hard for affiliates to get good conversion rates. Walmart shops are easy to find, so people who want to buy things usually go to the store near them to look at the items and make a purchase instead of buying them online.

Because of this, affiliates who promote popular Walmart items may see lower conversion rates. If a customer can see and try on the things in person, they might choose to buy them from the store itself instead of through an affiliate link. 

Affiliates may find it more challenging to generate significant earnings via the program due to this dynamic, as they must concentrate on endorsing products that provide a distinct value proposition and are not as easily accessible in brick-and-mortar establishments.

Affiliate Commissions at Walmart

At Walmart, the fee rates differ for each area or type of goods sold.

The fee rates are broken down below:

  • Electronics, Cameras and Supplies, Wireless, Media and Games1% of the thing
  • 3% of the item’s sale price for toys, books and magazines, holiday and seasonal items, stationery, sports goods, auto parts and tools, patio and garden items, and plants.
  • Crafts and sewing, Food and cooking, Home Decor, Bath and Shower, Bedding, Home Management, and Furniture 3% of the item’s sale price
  • Beauty, Pets and Supplies, and Baby Hardlines 3% of the thing. Clothing for men, babies, toddlers, boys, and girls, shoes, intimate clothing for women, accessories, and jewelry.4% of the item’s sale price.

As long as there were acceptable sales, the first refund is usually sent about a month after signing up for the program. The Impact Radius Affiliate Network handles the payouts and gives you several ways to get paid, such as through PayPal or direct deposit.

Tips for Success:

  • Focus on Niche: Target a specific niche or audience to cater your promotions effectively.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Prioritize the quality of your content and promotions over the quantity of products you promote.
  • Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest products and promotions Walmart offers.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Interact with your audience, address their queries, and provide helpful recommendations.

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Critical Factors Decoded


Affiliate Marketing with Walmart Walmart Affiliate Program Dynamics Pros and Cons of Walmart’s Affiliate Program
Overview of Online Business Benefits – Work flexibility, cost advantages, etc. – An overview of affiliate programs’ role in online business success.
Introduction to Walmart Affiliate Program – Partnership between Walmart and affiliates.
– Promotion of Walmart products for commissions.
– Unique affiliate links for tracking and commission calculation.
– Understanding the structure and functioning of the Walmart Affiliate Program.
Joining the Walmart Affiliate Program – Sign up for an affiliate marketing platform.
– Choose a suitable platform like The App Founders, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate, or Impact Radius.
– Apply to become a Walmart affiliate within the chosen platform.
– Application review and approval process.
– Access to unique affiliate links and marketing materials upon approval.
– Step-by-step guide for aspiring affiliates to join the Walmart Affiliate Program.
Strategies to Maximize Earnings – Tips for affiliates to maximize their earnings through strategic approaches.
– Emphasis on product relevance, high-quality content creation, and diversified promotional channels.
– Special focus on exclusive deals and discounts.
– Importance of performance tracking for optimization.
– Guidance for Walmart affiliates on effective strategies to enhance their earnings potential.
Pros of Walmart’s Affiliate Program – Brand recognition benefits.
– Fast onboarding for new affiliates.
– Extended three-day tracking window for affiliate cookies.
– User-friendly platform with various tools for affiliates.
– Highlighting the positive aspects and advantages of being part of the Walmart Affiliate Program.
Cons of Walmart’s Affiliate Program – Lower commission rates compared to some other affiliate programs.
– Challenges in achieving high conversion rates due to Walmart’s physical presence.
– Addressing the drawbacks and limitations associated with the Walmart Affiliate Program.
Commission Rates at Walmart – Varied commission rates based on product categories.
– Examples include 1% for electronics, 4% for clothing, etc.
– Detailed breakdown of commission rates for different product categories at Walmart.
Tips for Success as a Walmart Affiliate – Niche targeting for effective promotions.
– Prioritizing content quality over quantity.
– Staying updated with Walmart’s latest products and promotions.
– Engaging with the audience for improved interactions.
– Practical tips and advice for Walmart affiliates to enhance their chances of success.



You can make some money from your website with the help of the Walmart affiliate program. Thanks to its wide selection of items, well-known brand, and user-friendly platform, Walmart gives affiliates all the resources they need to market and earn commissions on their services.

Affiliates may increase their revenue by reaching a large client base and promoting Walmart’s trusted brand using banners, links, and promotional materials. 

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