Strategy vs. tactics for marketing - what's the difference?

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Strategy vs. tactics for marketing – what’s the difference?

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March 14th, 2024

Let’s talk about how to make your business shine! 

We have two tools to help us win: strategy and tactics. Strategy vs. tactics for marketing is your game plan, showing you where you need to go. Tactics are the steps you take to follow that plan. Knowing the difference between these two is important so you can do well in your business. 

What Is Marketing Strategy

Think of a marketing strategy that helps us decide who we want to talk to, the best way to talk to them, and what we should say to interest them. It’s all about thinking long-term, like planning for a big school project that will take the whole year. We must be clear on what we want to achieve to make smart choices and not get lost.

A marketing strategy is super important because it acts like a guide. Without it, we might try things that don’t help us move forward. It shows you where to go so you don’t end up somewhere you didn’t want to be.

Now, remember, every business needs to find its way to reach its goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all. But with a good plan, any business can figure out how to get more people to like and buy what they’re selling.

What Is a Marketing Tactic

Now that we know our big plan (Strategy), let’s discuss tactics. Tactics are the steps we take to follow our plan. Imagine you’re playing a game where you must move step by step to reach the end. Each step is a tactic, a small move that helps you get closer to winning.

In marketing, tactics are what we do to ensure people hear about what we’re selling. For example, we might use fun videos, eye-catching pictures, or interesting articles to grab people’s attention. We could also make our website easy to use so more people want to visit it. These tactics and little steps help us meet our big goals.

Some common tactics include using digital marketing tactics to make our products stand out online, SEO marketing for businesses to help people find our website easily when they search for something on the internet, and web app development techniques to make our web apps super cool and user-friendly.

Remember, it’s all about choosing the right tactics that fit our big plan. This way, everything works together nicely, and we can do a great job getting more customers.

Strategy Vs. Tactics for Marketing

Let’s make it super clear about strategy vs. tactics for marketing – how a strategy is different from tactics. And why we need both to win in business. Imagine you’re the captain of a ship. Your strategy is your big plan for where you want to sail your ship. You decide you want to go to the Island because you’ve heard there’s a lot of treasure there. That’s your long-term goal.

Now, tactics are like deciding which way to steer the ship, when to put up the sails, and when to drop the anchor. These are all little decisions you make to reach the Island. Without these small steps, you couldn’t make your big plan work.

In marketing, your strategy vs. tactics for marketing is your big dream about where you want your business to go. For example, you might decide you want to be the number one seller of cookies in your town. Your tactics are steps to get there, like making super yummy cookies, putting ads on social media, creating a selling app from a notable company like The App Founders, or setting up a stand at the local fair.

Digital marketing tactics, like creating awesome posts on social media or making your website super easy to find, are important. They help people notice you and what you’re selling. It’s also smart to use Web app development techniques to make your web app so fun that everyone wants to use it.

So, you see, having a good strategy tells you where you want to go, and using the right tactics is how you get there. Both parts must work together like best friends to help you reach your goals.

Developing a Winning Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Know Who You Want to Talk To

Imagine you’re throwing a party. You wouldn’t invite cats to a dog’s birthday, right? It’s the same with your business. You need to know who you’re trying to reach. Are they kids who love toys? Or people who enjoy delicious cakes? This helps you focus your efforts.

Step 2: Find Out What Makes You Special

What makes your toys cooler than any other toys? Or are your cakes yummier than all the rest? Knowing what makes you special helps you stand out and attract more friends (customers).

Step 3: Plan Your Steps

Now, think about all the small steps you need to take. Maybe you’ll share pictures of your cool toys or delicious cakes online. Or perhaps you’ll give out free samples so everyone can see how great they are.

Remember, every step should help you get closer to your big goal. And don’t forget to use smart web app development techniques to make your website or app super fun and easy for people to use. This way, more people can learn about what you’re offering.

Step 4: Check Your Map Often

Just like on a road trip, you need to check your map to ensure you’re still going the right way. In business, this means looking at your plan to ensure it works. If something isn’t helping you move forward, trying something different is okay.

Choosing the Right Tactics to Support Your Strategy

Step 1: Match Your Steps to Your Plan

First, make sure the steps you choose fit with your big plan. If you want to sell the most toys, think about showing off how fun they are with videos or having a toy play day. For the best cakes, maybe share tasty recipes or cake-decorating tips online.

Step 2: Use Digital Magic

We live in a world where everyone uses computers and phones a lot. So, using digital marketing tactics is super smart. You can make cool posts on social media or make sure when people search for toys or cakes on the internet, they find your website first with SEO Marketing for business.

Step 3: Make Your Website or App Awesome

Having a fun and easy-to-use website or app is super important. You can use web app development techniques to make your website or app so cool that everyone loves to visit it. This way, people can easily learn about your toys or cakes and how to buy them.

Step 4: Keep Your Eyes Open

Always watch to see if your steps are helping you get closer to your big goal. If something isn’t working, it’s okay to try something new. Maybe you find out people love watching cake decorating videos more than reading recipes, so you do more videos.


So, we see strategy vs. tactics for marketing, learning all about making big plans (Strategy) and taking the right steps (tactics) to make our business dreams. Remember, having a great strategy is like knowing where you want to go, and choosing the right tactics is how you get there.

The most important thing is to always match your steps (tactics) with your big plan (strategy) and be ready to try new things if something isn’t working. Marketing can be fun, like playing a game where you can win big with the right moves!

Keep dreaming big, planning well, and taking smart steps. That’s the best way to make your business shine and reach all your goals!

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