Recruitment System

Connecting with the right people at the right time with our best recruitment practices

Companies around the world are increasingly turning their focus towards Human Resource Management. The recruitment process that was once considered a monotonous and repetitive task has now become an entire process in the HRM itself. In the past years, the recruitment process has expanded its horizons and no longer includes the typical "hiring and firing" in an organization.


All-In-One Smart Recruitment System

A Recruitment System is a software that allows companies to manage the recruitment process through an automated and integrated platform.

We need to understand that each industry is now very dynamic and new elements emerge very quickly. In order to adapt to these changes, we need to accept the use of technology and migrate towards automated processes.

It's true that there isn't a lack of a huge workforce each year ready to get hired. The main challenge for the companies is to hire the right talent for their firms from that pool of candidates. Recruitment has become competitive, and it is nothing less than a challenge for a company to attract the right talent. Theappfounders build sophisticated Recruitment Solutions to enable your organization to tap into those candidates who have higher technical and analyzing skills. Of course, these aren't the only traits one can seek in a candidate, but as a prerequisite, these two qualities are a must. To aid the HRM in reaching out to the right audience, theappfounders take care of developing such an app that takes the weight of several other tasks off their shoulder. Our recruitment solutions provide a convenient layout that helps in tracking candidate applications, managing job postings, matching a candidate profile with the job description, and other features that lie within the scope of customer relationship management to ensure a moderate level of engagement with the candidates.

Natural Human Language

Natural human language processed from past conversations.

Multilingual Capabilities

Multi-language Recruitment system's for the global market.

The Chatbot Never Sleeps

Provide assistance with no downtimes.

Pre-built templates

Automate responses with pre-built templates.

Multiple Integrations

Integrate your chatbot across multiple platforms.