Learning Management System

Our eLearning System maps out a new wave of educational advances

Learning process has drastically shifted to an online mode in the past few years. This transition has definitely increased the need to have a business solution that accommodates the online learning process smoothly.


All-In-One Smart Learning Management System

Even universities that teach physically have now adapted to Learning Management systems for the sole reason that it benefits the students, teachers, as well as administrators alike.

There was a time when teachers used to give assignments that were to be physically submitted on paper. It was never convenient for a teacher to carry those paper for checking purposes, store them, and then return back to the students. On top of that, the results had to be manually written on a separate sheet for class records.

From a student's perspective, it was a nightmare as well. Maintaining stacks of loose papers trying to save them from getting lost or damage was the real challenge.

Times have changed. Theappfounders bring you a quick solution to get you rid of all the hassle. With our robust Learning Management System, you can now automate most of the added weight of the learning process and focus on expanding your knowledge itself.

We are experts in building learning Management systems that allow the instructor to make online announcements, create and deliver online educational content, manage student assignment submissions, and assess their performance. Not just this, we take sheer pride in being able to develop a web app that is not only convenient for the students but also offers them a wide range of interactive learning features that makes the learning process fun.

Natural Human Language

Natural human language processed from past conversations.

Multilingual Capabilities

Multi-language Learning Management System's for the global market.

The Chatbot Never Sleeps

Provide assistance with no downtimes.

Pre-built templates

Automate responses with pre-built templates.

Multiple Integrations

Integrate your chatbot across multiple platforms.