E-Commerce Multi Vendor Market Place

Empowering Vendors with a Scalable eCommerce Marketplace

This was quite the niche a few years back but the word is all out there now. Still, when it comes to it, it is easy to make money by earning commission.


All-In-One Smart E-Commerce Multi Vendor Market Place

Think of the marketplace operator as a bridge between the buyers and the sellers. In practical terms, this bridge would typically be a shopping mall that ensures the interaction of a wide range of sellers to a vast majority of interested buyers.

In an eCommerce setting, the dynamics might have changed but the roles remain the same. Only now, to be a marketplace operator, you don't have to open up an entire mall but rather build an eCommerce marketplace that caters to the needs of online buyers and sellers.

Since this platform will house multiple vendors willing to market and sell their offerings through your organization’s marketplace, you'll have to give them a flawless service that convinces them to trust your online selling platform. The same is the case with buyers. Online shopping can be tricky as it differs from physically being present at a shop in more than one way. As a customer, you can no longer feel the item by touching it before making a purchase decision. It is your judgment based on what you see through your eyes and with the little information provided about the product offering. Still, it has been proven to be of convenience to the users.

Theappfounders offer your organization to be a successful online marketplace operator. We develop an app that follows a step-by-step method to ensure safe transactions and is convenient for the user to operate. Our designers are experts in building layouts that are user-friendly and provide great value to the customer.

Natural Human Language

Natural human language processed from past conversations.

Multilingual Capabilities

Multi-language E-Commerce Multi Vendor Market Place's for the global market.

The Chatbot Never Sleeps

Provide assistance with no downtimes.

Pre-built templates

Automate responses with pre-built templates.

Multiple Integrations

Integrate your chatbot across multiple platforms.